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From 1924 to today -
fascinating times

In 1925, the first ads of a company Lapanouse SA appeared, featuring Swiss watches under the brand name CIMIER.

The company had been founded the year before by the watchmaker R. Lapanouse in Hölstein, a small and structurally weak town in the canton Baselland. The family enterprise had been producing the so-called “Roskopf” watches since its relocation to the neighbouring Bubendorf.

Roskopf movements are very robust and exceptionally reasonably priced movements, featuring vertically standing steel pins instead of the usual stone palettes for the time scaling.

A whole new range of customers was addressed with the production of these affordable watches, and Lapanouse SA rushed from success to success.

The fifties
The age of the beginning economic boom showed a demand for more striking and distinctive wrist watches, and CIMIER launched pieces with luminescent numerals, centre second, as well as a novel chronograph. The company’s pioneer role in this field was to pay off: The striking timepieces were sold very successfully worldwide, and even the company’s stationery proudly announced: “Production of 5000 watches daily”. An incredible 1,5 million watches were produced yearly by the 500 employees in Bubendorf.

The sixties
In the sixties a pin lever chronograph with seven stones and two pushers for controlling diverse functions, as well as several additional dials was launched. The simultaneous arrangement of tachy and telemeter scale completed its impressive appearance.

The seventies
In the seventies, pulsating quartz crystals were introduced to the watch industry. Lapanouse SA applied itself to this new technology and once again adopted a pioneer role in developing its own quartz movement.

The eighties
In a risky transaction a large part of the production machines was sold to a competitor at the beginning of the eighties, who was henceforth to be a supplier of the company. This outsourcing measure, however, did not result in the expected reduction of production costs. On the contrary: due to the now costly purchase of movements, Lapanouse-Cimier clearly suffered a competitive disadvantage when it came to competitors from abroad, and particularly in regards to the successful new domestic player.

Disagreements within the owner family concerning the future strategy and the choice of a successor to head the enterprise finally lead to the provisional production shut-down of one of the former largest Swiss watch manufactures in 1985.

Since 2003 CIMIER has been an independent watch manufacturer that has continued the tradition of Swiss watch manufacturing under new direction.

In the CIMIER studios in Baar the watches of CIMIER are not only designed and developed, but also crafted in-house by experienced watchmakers.

Every CIMIER watch is part of the fascinating brand history. Classical elements of the watch history are newly interpreted in the design of every model. Wearing a CIMIER watch, you yourself become a player in history and you have a loyal companion for your personal fascinating time.

In 2011, CIMIER underlined its watchmaker competency by an exclusive own development, the BIGMatic automatic model based on the Unitas caliber 6497-1.