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All movements, mechanical as well as quartz, are Swiss quality products. CIMIER watches are elaborately decorated, and special grinding techniques and engravings make out their distinctive character.

Some movements are modified exclusively for CIMIER. See-through casebacks in mechanical watches reveal the fascinating inner workings of the timepiece - for many watch fans, this is where the fun begins.

Quartz movements produced in Switzerland are known for first-class quality and reliability as well. An EOL (End of Life) indicator shows when battery voltage drops; the second hand will move at 4-second intervals, reminding the wearer to change the battery.


CIMIER exclusively uses Stainless Steel 316L for all watch cases, . The so-called "surgical steel" contains an especially low percentage of the allergy-provoking nickel.

All cases are designed and developed by CIMIER.

Each caseback is engraved with an individual serial number, allowing the explicit indentification of each timepiece - this serial number is noted on the warranty card.

Water Resistance

All new CIMIER models are tested with a pressure of at least 5 bar for water resistance - some of them even with a pressure of 10 bar. 5 bar pressure means 50 metres or 5 ATM water resistance. CIMIER generally guarantees the indicated water resistance.





Zirconia is a high-quality imitation diamond.

Even experts can hardly visually distinguish a state-of-the-art zirconia from a real diamond.

CIMIER uses only zirconia of best quality, and unlike many of our competitors´products, our stones are not glued, but set like diamonds. This makes it virtually impossible to lose them.



Each CIMIER dial is created by the company´s designers with much attention to detail. The dial is the face of the watch - it obtains the unmistakable character of a CIMIER watch in the interplay of case, strap and the functions of the movement. The completion of some dials requires more than one hunderd production steps. Few companies worldwide are able to produce dials of a comparable quality.

Numerals and indexes are mainly riveted, not glued, which is why they withstand extraordinary heat or cold.

Each step in the production process of a dial requires elaborately assembled tools.

CIMIER dials are completely hand-crafted.

Sapphire Crystals

Sapphire crystals are characterized by extreme hardness and resist scratching by everything except diamonds or the like. The raw material is synthetic aluminium oxide and CIMIER demands a great deal on its processing.

CIMIER uses single-side coated sapphire crystal in order to reduce distracting reflections and to provide a clear view of the complex craftsmanship of the watch dial.

The advantage of anti-reflection treatment is that the coating can not be scratched.

Lower-price mineral or plexi glass will either scratch more easily or is not shock proof, which is why it is not used by CIMIER.

For domed watches, CIMIER uses doubly embossed sapphire crystal to avoid a magnifying effect. Watches of the fashion segment almost always feature one-side concave glass (upper surface), which causes a strong optical distortion of the watch dial.


Leather straps used by CIMIER are hand-crafted with great care in Germany. The original strap carries the embossed CIMIER stamp on the inside.

By producing locally, we are able to work with the best tanneries who offer eco-friendly production conditions.

For most straps CIMIER uses water-repellent leather; the strap is better protected, and the development of bacteria is massively reduced.

Special sizes are available and can be ordered easily at any time. 

Our acqua straps are made of a special easy-to-wash and water resistant material commonly used in sailing.

Folding Clasps

Almost all CIMIER models have folding clasps. The advantage is the high wearing comfort  and greater security (the watch can't drop from the wearer´s wrist).

The scuffing of the leather around the clasp is notably reduced, and the durability of the strap thus extended.

All clasps are exclusive CIMIER designs and decorated with the CIMIER logo.

CIMIER uses double-locking clasps as well as the single-arm clasps. The double-locking clasp provides enhanced wearing comfort, especially for customers with a slim wrist and is therefore frequently found in the the ladies´collection.

Plating of cases and metal bracelets

CIMIER uses PVD coatings either in yellow gold, red gold or black.

Advantage: PVD is extremely resistant - the watch stays longer in perfect condition.